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At Holmsley Elementary PTO, we are tirelessly weaving an intricate tapestry of programs and activities that bolster not just our students, but our staff and parents alike. We're developing future leaders, nurturing innovative minds, and fostering a community that's anchored in support and shared values. But we need YOU to make it even better!


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  • Empowerment: Your sponsorship will translate directly into resources that fuel our endeavors, enabling us to go beyond the ordinary and deliver truly transformational experiences.
  • Connection: As a Husky Helper, you'll be forging a deep, meaningful connection with our community, directly impacting the lives of countless individuals.
  • Visibility: In appreciation of your generosity, we'll ensure that your contribution doesn't go unnoticed. Our community will recognize your commitment, granting your organization increased exposure and goodwill.
  • Legacy: By becoming a sponsor, you're not just investing in our present; you're setting the foundation for a future brimming with potential, possibility, and promise.
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